FibreOctave Wearable Art Awards  2012 – 2019




Enter a world of enchantment and intrigue with wearable art in Southland.   In this unique and apt environment, surrounded by a collection of world class vehicles, the show will be a spectacle of colour and creativity.  Designed to grace the human body wearable art knows no bounds and is limited only by the imagination. FibreOctave is a spectacular show of wearable art, music and dance.

Wearable Art entries are invited from artists with a flair for dramatic artistry designed with that X factor that is wearable art. The brief to those creating wearable art is simple. It has to be art and it has to be wearable.

FibreOctave is presented in Invercargill in June each year and plays to a capacity crowd, tickets selling out 6 weeks in advance. FibreOctave is an artistic experience in Southland not to be missed.