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Wearable Art & Musical Extravaganza |  7.30pm Friday 15 June 2018 

Queens Park 2

FibreOctave began in 2012. Six years on it is now a major event in Southland arts calendar. St John Ambulance, Invercargill have been the recipient of the profits from FibreOctave, a total of approx $63,000 over six years. The donation has gone towards the running expenses of the Health Shuttle which transports people from Southland to Dunedin Hospitals for appointments and treatment. Since its inception in August 2013 the service has travelled an average of 10,000 kms each month.  FibreOctave is pleased to be able to offer this support to St John for the benefit of Southland people.

FibreOctave Charitable Trust is a dedicated team of 6 trustees with a passion for the arts who strive to provide an opportunity for young people to perform and the creative to showcase their art.  FibreOctave provides funds for local charity whilst encouraging those outside the province to travel to Invercargill to witness the spectacle that is FibreOctave.

All enquiries regarding FibreOctave should be directed to:

Gaye McElroy
128 B Grant Road
Otatara 9 R D
03 213 0259
027 223 8783



Sandra King
36 Mitchell Street
021  126 3437