FibreOctave 2019 was a huge success. Thank you to all designers, models, Southland Youth Jazz Band and Rock n Roll Club.

 FibreOctave Wearable Art Awards 2019

JUDGES Sheree Te Orangaroa Downes, Adrian Barclay and Wayne Hill

FOMO (2)


1st PRIZE  – $2,500 cash and FibreOctave Trophy – FOMO (Morwenna Pannet)

2nd PRIZE – $1,000 cash – POKER FACE (Sherilee Randle)

3rd PRIZE – $700 cash – FLIGHT of ELEGANCE (members Red Hat Society Ashburton)

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The Wedding Jandal (2)


1st PRIZE $250 cash and FibreOctave Trophy – WEDDING JANDAL – (Laura Horton)

Sponsored by Endurance AG


2nd PRIZE $100  H & J Smith – Invercargill – MILK BOTTLE MAIDEN (Lucia Boys)

3rd PRIZE $100 Voucher H & J Smith – Invercargill – WIRED (JHC Students)


The FibreOctave Charitable Trust wish to thank the people of Southland for their enthusiastic support of the Wearable Art and Musical Extravaganza which we have presented in Invercargill each year for the last eight years.

To our sponsors we extend our grateful thanks for supporting the show for the benefit of young people and local charity. We also acknowledge the generosity of service providers in helping us achieve our goals. Over the eight years FibreOctave has donated $63,000 to St John and $23,000 to Hospice Southland.

We have been delighted with the entries received over the years and amazed at the creativity expressed in those designs. Our growth from an audience of 40 to an event attended by 688 has required the passion and dedication of those directly involved with the management of the event.

However, all good things must come to an end and the Trustees have reached a decision to wind up FibreOctave, the event.  This decision has been made after careful consideration of all aspects and alternatives. The crucial factor in staging FibreOctave is the number of entries received and there seems to be a decreasing interest in the creation of wearable art which is of major concern.  With growth comes increasing costs which must be balanced out against profit and the effort required to produce that profit.

Passionate as we are, it is time to wind up what has been a very exciting and successful eight years.  Our sincere thanks to everyone involved over that time. FibreOctave Charitable Trust remaining funds will be donated to Hospice Southland.

FibreOctave Event Management Team