FibreOctave 2019 was a huge success. Thank you to all designers, models, Southland Youth Jazz Band and Rock n Roll Club.

 FibreOctave Wearable Art Awards 2019

JUDGES Sheree Te Orangaroa Downes, Adrian Barclay and Wayne Hill

FOMO (2)


1st PRIZE  – $2,500 cash and FibreOctave Trophy – FOMO (Morwenna Pannet)

2nd PRIZE – $1,000 cash – POKER FACE (Sherilee Randle)

3rd PRIZE – $700 cash – FLIGHT of ELEGANCE (members Red Hat Society Ashburton)

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The Wedding Jandal (2)


1st PRIZE $250 cash and FibreOctave Trophy – WEDDING JANDAL – (Laura Horton)

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2nd PRIZE $100  H & J Smith – Invercargill – MILK BOTTLE MAIDEN (Lucia Boys)

3rd PRIZE $100 Voucher H & J Smith – Invercargill – WIRED (JHC Students)

   Watch this page for 2020 details of entry 

Wearable art is for everyone ENTRY DETAILS for FibreOctave  2019 whether you …..


Here are some ideas  –  of course you can do it!    Note: – these are not categories

 Art Couture – high end fashion presented as wearable art (dressmakers this is for you) include hats, jewellery and accessories.

Create Avant Garde – wearable art / fashion from cast-offs or junk with a nod to the future – Trashion

Textile & Fibre Art – yarn, felt, fabrics and fibre.  Weave it, knit it, crochet it or sculpt it.

Deconstruct and reconstruct from used, thrown-out, found and repurposed elements or give an arty twist to some preloved clothing.

Create a wearable sculpture – weld, carve, glue, knit or crochet a sculpture

Combine old materials with new, stretch your imagination, fantasise.


It is important that the following deadlines are met:

  • Entry Form and Entry Fee $20 must be received by 5pm  Friday 15 March 2019
  • Completed exhibits must be delivered to the organisers by 6pm 19 April 2019
  • Delivery address for courier is:-  FibreOctave Wearable Art, C/- Todd & Co, 46 Don Street, Invercargill.
  • Other arrangements can be made by telephoning Helen McCurdy 027 228 8230 or Gaye McElroy 027 223 8783

There are two sections


Click here  entry form and criteria 2019 to download an entry form for 2019.


  1. Wearable Art must be original.
  2. Exhibits must be wearable and must be ART
  3. With the exception of Wearable Art previously shown in Southland, Wearable Art previously shown elsewhere may be entered and eligible for the competition. Wearable Art previously shown in Southland is not eligible. Details of previous showing must be provided at the time of entry.
  4. Wearable Art which has been awarded a prize in any competition cannot be entered in FibreOctave. On occasion wearable art exhibits which have been awarded a prize maybe invited in by FibreOctave. Any such exhibits would not be eligible to enter the competition.
  5. Wearable Art competition will be judged by a panel of three judges who will act independently of the FibreOctave Management Team who play no part in this process. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence may be entered into.
  6. You may submit more than one exhibit.
  7. Exhibits should not be made of plant material which will deteriorate.
  8. The artistic use of accessories will be taken into account by the judges.
  9. Models will be arranged by the organisers. Exhibitors may not use their own. Exceptions may be considered.
  10. Exhibits should be made to fit female ADULT size 12 or 14 or ADULT male medium size.
  11. Models will wear more than one exhibit. Up to three exhibits will be allocated to each model by the FibreOctave wardrobe team.
  12. Exhibits must be able to move freely on the runway and models must have clear visibility whilst wearing wearable art exhibits.
  13. Exhibits may be constructed using recycled or new materials. You may use string, tape, wire, velcro, staples, paper machè or any other medium to build your creation. Sewing machine can be used.
  14. Music will be provided. You are not required to provide your own.
  15. Designers are not permitted back stage to dress their particular exhibit.
  16. Clear step by step instructions as to how the wearable art is to be dressed on the model must be provided in writing with photos. Failure to do so could mean non selection of wearable art.
  17. All care is taken to ensure exhibits appear on the runway according to instructions from the designer however, FibreOctave are not responsible for errors due to unclear or lack of detailed instructions.
  18. Once your exhibit has been submitted and selected, no changes to name or description can be made.
  19. The organisers do not accept liability for exhibits lost or damaged in transit.
  20. Insurance, if required, is the responsibility of the creator/designer.
  21. Exhibits must be collected the day following the show at Bill Richardson Transport World or by other arrangement with the organisers.
  22. Please pack your exhibit in a box or container suitable for transporting from storage to the venue. This will greatly assist the organisers and prevent damage during transport.
  23. You must supply return freight tickets or arrange courier pick up if required.
  24. Exhibits will be selected once the completed exhibits are received. You will receive advice by email as to whether your exhibit has been selected or not.
  25. The organisers reserve the right to select exhibits to appear in a finale; it is not possible to include every exhibit.
  26. FibreOctave reserve the right to not accept exhibits deemed unsuitable.
  27. FibreOctave is frequently asked to provide a static display of exhibits; we like to assist where we can as this is good promotion.  Carefully storing your exhibit after the show for a period of 12 months would be greatly appreciated. Exhibits or photos of exhibits may be used for future publicity.
  28. Professional photos of each exhibit will be taken and posted on FibreOctave Facebook page and website.

 COMPLETED WEARABLE ART EXHIBITS MUST BE DELIVERED WITH a PHOTO and clear instructions as to how to dress the model, to either of the persons below, on or BEFORE Friday 19 April 2019.

Any inquiries should be directed to:- Helen McCurdy 027 228 8230 or Gaye McElroy 027 223 8783

Please send the completed form and $20 entry fee by 15 March 2019 to:

Helen McCurdy,  P O Box 14, Riverton 9847     Phone:-  03 234 9080   Cell 027 228 8230